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Worldviews -
What issues shape your worldview and outlook on life? How do you view these issues and topics of interest in the world today?

Adolescent Culture
What is the history of this age group? What makes them tick? What marks a culture that is driven by adolescents?

Adolescent Culture Video
What happens when young adults lose their consciences? John Stonecroft explains the outcome of this change in worldview.

Are We Misquoting Jesus Video
What do Bart Ehrman and his view of New Testament textual criticism tell us about the reliability of the New Testament? Check out this short video response to Misquoting Jesus!

Atheist Belief
Read this response to Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation. Can both authors be right about the tenents of Christianity?

Atheist Faith
What part does faith play in Atheism and other religious systems? Find out here.

Atheist Faith Video
Is it a debate over evidence? Or philosophy? Dr. Frank Turek explains how science really doesn't say anything, scientists do.

Atheist Religion Video
What do Dawkins, Harris, Dennett, and Hitchens have to say? What are the latest arguments from the New Atheists? Stream this short video now!

Biblical Inspiration
Investigate seven problem texts cited by Ehrman in the book Misquoting Jesus. Do the affect key doctrines of the faith?

Building a Christian Worldview
What do students believe? What is the distraction factor? How important is worldview in the life of teens?

Building a Christian Worldview Video
How do we build a good worldview in our churches? Listen as special guest Warren Cole Smith explains.

Christian Economics
Does the Bible encourage a system of centralized socialism or a system of private property and individual responsibilities?

Christian Economics Video
Are Christians called to support an economic system that respects private property and the work ethic or centralized control for everyone?

Christian Ethics
When it comes to ethics, should Christians treat God’s moral order with the same respect they show His physical order?

Christian Ethics Video
When it comes to ethics, should Christians treat God’s moral order with the same respect they show His physical order?

Christian Philosophy
Christianity embraces the meaningful, purposeful life, in which you shape your beliefs according to a coherent, reasonable, truthful worldview.

Christian Philosophy Video
What are the big questions of philosophy? Christianity answers these questions more completely and reasonably than any other worldview.

Christian Politics
Why do Christians expect government to accomplish the limited, God-ordained tasks of protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty?

Christian Politics Video
What is the position and obligation of a Christian in politics? What is the biblical view of government?

Christian Psychology
What is the key? To understand human nature properly, the psychologist must understand our natural tendency to revolt against God and His laws.

Christian Psychology Video
Why can Christianity develop a true and workable psychology? Because it recognizes the problems of the heart, mind, and will in relation to God.

Christian Sociology
Christianity teaches that God created men and women in His image; while society teaches that men and women are evolving animals. Why the difference?

Christian Sociology Video
Christianity grants us control over our society, but also requires responsibility for our choices and consequences of our actions. Why?

Christian Theology
What is it? Christian theism affirms the belief in the existence of a supernatural God and His character communicated through the Bible.

Christian Theology Video
What is Theology and the Christian Worldview? Summit Ministries in Colorado continue their video series laying out a comprehensive Biblical Christian Worldview.

Christian Worldview
What are the main points of this worldview? How do philosophy, theology, law, sociology, politics, economics, history, ethics, science, and psychology influence it?

Christian Worldview Video
What is the basis for this worldview? What is the worldview based upon? Is there a source of authority?

Christianity and History
Is the historicity of the resurrection a necessary condition for the truth of Christianity and the validity of Christian belief?

Christianity and History Video
When looking at Christianity and history, do Christians view history through the concepts of creation, fall, and redemption?

Christianity and Law
Does God expect legal systems to declare every sin illegal? Rather He expects to maintain order and liberty by promoting justice.

Christianity and Law Video
Does the Bible provide specific instructions for establishing earthly legal systems? Does God require such systems to be orderly and equitable?

Christianity and Science
Does evolutionary theory require more faith than theistic creation because Darwinian evolution runs contrary to science and history?

Christianity and Science Video
Do these two concepts collide? Or do they harmonize? Join our friends at Summit Ministries for this informative video.

Christianity vs Science
Can anyone resolve the conflict between science and religion? Can science put Christianity to the test?

College Indoctrination
Will your child's university or college reshape his worldview? Will she be indoctrinated, while you pay for it?

Definition of Religion
What goes into picking a belief system? How does doctrinal documentation play in? Find out here.

Definition of Religion Video
How is religion portrayed? Is religion what causes oppression, terrorism, and other threats?

Doctrine of Original Sin
Does every person have original sin built into our genetic makeup? Read this response to Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.

Does Hell Exist
Is the place of torment and suffering that is spoken of in the Bible true? Is it a literal place?

Does Hell Exist Video
Listen to this important message from Francis Chan. Hell: We can't afford to get it wrong.

Embryonic Stem Cells
How does the concept of soul fit into this debate? What about equality? Consider these thoughts in regard to this heated debate.

Evidence for the Christian Faith
Is there any real proof to back up what so many believe? What does the evidence say?

Finding God
What brings someone to God? Read this man story of seeking truth and finding it through unusual circumstances.

Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
Could the Gospel writers have told the story of Jesus’ life in such a way that it conformed to Old Testament prophecy?

Gay Christians
What's at the heart of the controversy over homosexual clergy in the Christian church?

Gay Christians Video
Dr. Michael Brown answers the question, How can we go about reaching the homosexual community with the love of Christ, and do we need to ask forgiveness for how the church has treated them?

Gay Marriage
Why are so many Americans against same sex marriage? Why is it continually voted down?

Good vs Evil
Are Atheists evil? Are Christians evil? What about those who live moral and upright lives? Who sets the standard?

Good vs Evil Video
Frank Turek explains the concept of good vs. evil and how the distinction points to a higher standard. How do we know a crooked line, without a concept of straight?

Human Suffering
Are things that cause us happiness as individuals always good for us? Can morality be defined in terms of happiness?

Human Suffering Video
Randall Niles tells the story of the skeptical barber to illustrate the power of God in the midst of suffering.

Humanist Psychology
Consistent Secular Humanists should embrace behaviorism. If the supernatural does not exist, then psychology admits only the natural.

Humanist Psychology Video
What defines Humanist Psychology according to the Secular Humanism Worldview?

Humanist Sociology
Humanists view society as a historically evolving enterprise that can only be understood through the struggle to liberate human potentialities.

Humanist Sociology Video
What is Humanist Sociology according to the Secular Humanism Worldview?

Islam and Science
Muslims believe God has always existed. He is eternal and self-existent. He created everything and set the universe in order.

Islamic Economics
Economic resources must never be used contrary to this vision of universal unity of the Ummah, the Muslim community.

Islamic Ethics
Muslim law and Muslim ethics are one in the same. There is no division of ethics and law in Islam.

Islamic History
Islam is a worldview as diverse as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or Hinduism. Throughout Islam various factions exist, such as Sunni, Shi’ite, and Sufi.

Islamic Law
Shari’ah is the name of the body of laws Muslims believe are applicable, while fiqh is the human endeavor to understand and apply those laws.

Islamic Philosophy
Islam presupposes a view of supernaturalism wherein God intervenes in the world (miracles) and seeks to convey His will to human beings (revelation).

Islamic Politics
One of the most controversial aspects of Islam is the concept of jihad, or “holy war.” Many Muslims seek to soften jihad, a personal struggle with sin.

Islamic Psychology
Despite some general similarities to the biblical version of man’s fall, there are radical differences between the Christian and the Islamic interpretations.

Islamic Sociology
Like Christianity, the family, worship of God, and the state are central to Islamic teachings, yet there are substantial differences between the two worldviews.

Islamic Theology
Even though there was a time when Muslims embraced adherents of other monotheistic faiths, this came to an end with the finished work of Muhammad and the Qur’an.

Islamic Worldview
How do Muslims view science, ethics, history, law, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology? Study the issues.

Letter to a Christian Nation
This book cries out for an intelligent response that offers the reader a rationale for the credibility and rectitude of orthodox Christianity.

Letter to a Christian Nation Response
If we are all mere products of a Godless form of natural selection, what do we have to look forward to? Unexplained suffering that ends in personal extinction?

Marxism and Science
Darwin’s theory seems to reinforce Marx’s view of dialectics because it called for the evolution of the simple to the more complex.

Marxism and Science Video
Marx believed that Darwin’s evolutionary theory could be extended naturally to answer questions about the evolution of human society.

Marxist Economics
Marxism maintains that capitalism eventually destroys itself as it exploits more and more people until everyone has been reduced to worker status.

Marxist Economics Video
Marxists believe communism is the ideal economic system and the foundation for utopia in all aspects of society.

Marxist Ethics
Society is in a state of constant change. These changes are moving society upward toward the elimination of all social and economic class distinctions.

Marxist Ethics Video
When all class distinctions are erased, promoting class struggle will no longer be the immediate moral necessity.

Marxist History
Marxism sees history operating according to specific, discoverable laws of the dialectic, which change economic structures and thereby revolutionize societies and ideas.

Marxist History Video
Marxists try to re-establish humans as a driving force in history by declaring the revolution of the oppressed classes to be the catalyst for the dialectical process.

Marxist Law
Once the revolution has succeeded, the new socialistic law will reflect the desires of the working people rather than those of the bourgeoisie.

Marxist Law Video
Once the revolution has succeeded, the new socialistic law will reflect the desires of the working people rather than those of the bourgeoisie.

Marxist Philosophy
Marxist philosophy affirms materialism, matter as ultimately real, rather than God. Thus it is a godless philosophy.

Marxist Philosophy Video
The matter we see in nature is all that exists. A materialistic interpretation of the world is an essential ingredient of Marxist thought.

Marxist Politics
Marxism ends with the establishment of global communism as a new world order and the dissolution of the state as inevitable evolutionary steps.

Marxist Politics Video
Marxists see the world as a struggle between owners and workers, with economics as the foundation on which the rest of society is built.

Marxist Psychology
Marxists hold society responsible to regulate us. This regulation exposes us to the proper stimuli that will elicit the proper behavior.

Marxist Psychology Video
Marxists hold society responsible to regulate us. This regulation exposes us to the proper stimuli that will elicit the proper behavior.

Marxist Sociology
In the Marxist system, economics determines the nature and structure of society—its politics, religion, law, and culture.

Marxist Sociology Video
Since the economic system is in a process of constant development, all institutions in society are also evolving.

Marxist Theology
Marxist atheism is part of the scientific, materialistic, socialistic outlook that strives to eradicate all religious sentiment.

Marxist Theology Video
When society adopts socialism, thus eliminating the working class’s economic bondage, religion itself will vanish.

Marxist Worldview
Read how various topics like ethics and politics play into this worldview. What impact do they have?

Marxist Worldview Video
What is the basis of this worldview and belief system? What thoughts override all others?

Meaning Of Life
This has been the ultimate question since the beginning. It seems inherent in our nature to ask questions like this.

Misquoting Jesus
Read a response to Bart Ehrman’s book Misquoting Jesus. Study some Greek variants that lead to his conclusion on textual criticism.

New Age Economics
Coupled with a reliance on our inner voice is the belief that positive thought creates wealth, often called universal enlightened production.

New Age Economics Video
Coupled with a reliance on our inner voice is the belief that positive thought creates wealth. What impacts this worldview?

New Age Ethics
In New Age ethics, morality is a nebulous thing. Each of us must listen to the “God within” to determine our own ethical system.

New Age Ethics Video
Cosmic Humanists must tolerate all other views regarding morality because ethics is relative to the truth within each of us. Why?

New Age History
The New Age embraces evolution as the vehicle for change and expects it is only a matter of time until humanity achieves perfection.

New Age History Video
The New Age views humanity as evolving from lower to higher consciousness throughout history. Why is this believed?

New Age Law
The New Age concept of self law states that any action we choose is lawful as long as it is true to our inner reality.

New Age Law Video
Each of us acts as our own legal authority, and any manifestation of outside authority hinders our communication with our godhood.

New Age Philosophy
When we look within, we will find truth, but this is not truth as it is commonly understood. New Age truth is emotive rather than descriptive.

New Age Philosophy Video
When we look within, we will find truth, but this is not truth as it is commonly understood. New Age truth is emotive rather than descriptive.

New Age Politics
New Agers see the world evolving toward a New World Order in which individuals are free to follow their whims uninhibited by law or government.

New Age Politics Video
New Agers understand the world as a whole instead of the parts. How does this impact politics?

New Age Psychology
Cosmic Humanists believe that if we choose the right psychological tools, we can save ourselves. If we are God enough, our redemption is in our own hands.

New Age Psychology Video
Our measure of consciousness affects our body and soul, and only a constant state of higher consciousness ensures our mental and physical well-being.

New Age Science
When enough people achieve higher consciousness, others will be absorbed (or evolved) into the enlightened collective consciousness.

New Age Science Video
Cosmic Humanists believe the traditional view of science as learning to control the laws of nature has led to an assault on the balance of planetary harmony.

New Age Sociology
Because each of us has God within, each of us has the power necessary to change society. Individual change is primary, while societal change is secondary.

New Age Sociology Video
All social institutions should encourage us to seek inner truth from our perfectible human nature. Thus, society should adopt a pantheistic perspective.

New Age Theology
The New Age belief that every individual is God and God is every individual is tied inextricably to the concept of consciousness.

New Age Theology Video
Inner soul-searching is the only significant means of discovering truth in the New Age. How do we determine reality?

New Age Worldview
What is this doctrine? Is it definable? What are the individual elements that make up this worldview.

Old Testament Law
Do Old Testament laws continue to bind Christians today? Read this response to Sam Harris by RC Metcalf.

What is post Christian? What does the term mean? How does this change impact you and your family?

Postmodern Economics
Most Postmodernists are committed to the leftist side of the economic spectrum, favoring, to varying degrees, some form of government intervention.

Postmodern Ethics
Postmodernists believe in cultural moral relativism, grounding their ethical system in soft forms of atheism, naturalism, and evolution.

Postmodern History
Postmodernists use the term historicism to describe the view that all questions must be settled within the cultural and social context in which they are raised.

Postmodern Law
The current crisis in Western civilization has paved the way for a new approach to legal theory. Postmodernism has a strong voice over the place and substance of law.

Postmodern Law Video
What is Law, anyway? Randall Niles explores the foundation of law, definition of law, natural law, positive law, self law, social justice, and critical legal studies.

Postmodern Philosophy
Each author (or artist) is the product of his or her own cultural setting and uses language to fit his or her condition.

Postmodern Politics
Although there is a lack of consensus surrounding much of Postmodernism, most agree Postmodernists fall on the left side of the political spectrum.

Postmodern Psychology
Traditionally people sensed that both nature and culture are important for human development. Postmodernists say that only culture shapes the human psyche.

Postmodern Science
Scientific facts are regularly tweaked. Scientists work with unproven assumptions and filter all data through their preconceived ideas.

Postmodern Sociology
Some Postmodernists show their contempt for traditional concepts of love, sex, and marriage, preferring various forms of free love.

Postmodern Theology
Although more subtle in some ways than their fellow atheists, Postmodernists have their theological underpinnings in atheism.

Postmodern Theory
What are the views of theology, science, ethics, history, law, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology? Learn more.

Postmodern Worldview
Are there significant disagreements among the various expressions of the postmodern worldview? Is there a belief that characterizes all of them?

Postmodern Worldview Video
What characterizes postmodernism? What are the beliefs? Everything is contingent; nothing is fixed.

Postmodernism Critique
What are the pros and cons of postmodernism? Read this article by John Stonestreet.

Premarital Sex
Gain an understanding of how sexual activity before marriage will affect your life, both physically and emotionally.

Premarital Sex 2
Uncover the answers to this age-old question. Is it really better to wait to have a sexual experience until after marriage?

Premarital Sex Video
When is the right time for sex? Find out why there is a time designated for everything.

Presence of Evil
Why does God allow evil and suffering in the world today? Does He turn a blind eye to the pain? Find the answer here.

Principles of Morality Video
Randall Niles examines the conflicting concepts of moral relativism and universal truth as they are applied by many people today.

Problem of Evil Video
Randall Niles looks at good and evil -- Is evil a created thing, an object? Or is evil the absence of something.

Religious Tolerance
Must one be tolerant of all to the point of celebrating all beliefs, values, and behaviors? Read how tolerances is viewed today.

Religious Tolerance Video
What is religious tolerance? Listen as Randall Niles shares about this popular topic.

Sam Harris
Is Christianity truly unsupportable? Or does good, cogent, intellectual, historical, philosophical, and even scientific evidence exist to support Christianity? Read a response to Harris.

Secular Economics
Humanists generally embrace some form of socialism because they believe in the inherent goodness of humanity and in human ability to overcome evil.

Secular Economics Video
How does the Secular Humanism worldview see secular economics? Study the facts in this video.

Secular Ethics
Humanists are working toward a “science of ethics” specifically in keeping with their beliefs in atheism, naturalism, and evolution.

Secular Ethics Video
According to the Secular Humanism Worldview, what impact do ethics play in regard to culture.

Secular History
Humanists depend on the progress of human history to provide meaning for life, believing that historical evolution is inevitable.

Secular History Video
History is the story of development from non-life to life, from simple to more complex, from mindless to mind, from animal to human.

Secular Law
In denying the existence of God, Secular Humanists also deny the existence of an absolute moral code that must be obeyed.

Secular Law Video
Humanist legal theory creates the potential for government to take advantage of its position as the ultimate source of legal truth.

Secular Philosophy
Philosophy of Natural Materialism, where naturalists deny everything that is not made up of matter or that does not exist in nature.

Secular Philosophy Video
Denial of the supernatural and reliance on science as the source of knowledge necessitates specific conclusions about humanity, mind, and mortality.

Secular Politics
Humans are the highest rung on the evolutionary ladder and the establishment of world politics is necessary to advance to the next evolutionary stage.

Secular Politics Video
Humanity is one part of a single ecosystem. Everyone should live in one community, without national borders and differing state policies.

Secular Science
Evolution is much more than a theory about the origin of life. Evolution has significant implications for ethics, sociology, law, and politics.

Secular Science Video
Evolution is much more than a theory about the origin of life. Evolution has significant implications for ethics, sociology, law, and politics.

Secular Theology
The theology of the Humanist is surprisingly unshakeable in its dogmatic belief that the supernatural, including God, does not exist

Secular Theology Video
The theology of the Humanist is surprisingly unshakeable in its dogmatic belief that the supernatural, including God, does not exist.

Secular Worldview
What are the views that secular humanists have of politics, history, and sociology? Learn more.

Secular Worldview Video
What is the basis for a secular worldview? What is the belief system? Find out the basic tenants.

Seeking Truth
Are all faith-based beliefs flagrantly irrational, as claimed by some authors? Discover a response to this question.

Sex and the Bible
What is the Christian attitude toward sex? Consider this response directed to Sam Harris, author of the book Letter to A Christian Nation.

Slavery in the Bible
How do Christians explain the concept of slavery from Bible times? Consider this explanation given in response to author Sam Harris.

Teaching Christian Worldview
What is worldview and why is it important to teach to our youth? Read an interview of John Stonestreet from Summit Ministries.

Teaching Christian Worldview Video
How do you teach a Christian worldview? Executive Director of Summit Ministries John Stonestreet fills us in on how we really do hunger for truth in today's age of information.

Teachings of Jesus
What was Jesus’ response to the Old Testament Law? Does it point the way to forgiveness and salvation from sin?

Ten Commandments
What's the latest with the push to remove any mention of God or the Bible from the public forum?

Ten Commandments 2
What's the latest with the push to remove any mention of God or the Bible from the public forum?

The Culture War
What part does absolute truth, biblical authority, and moral truth play in this battle over America?

The Culture War Video
Is the United States facing a culture war on the traditional and moral values that America was founded upon?

The End of Faith Video
What does Sam Harris tell us in his Letter to a Christian Nation? Are we really facing The End of Faith? Don't miss this short video clip! Stream it now!

The Legacy of Epicurus
Did Epicurus liberate man from the fear of God and from the fear of death? Was his theory correct?

The Meaning Of Life
Have you discovered your purpose for living? Do you understand the meaning of existence?

The Meaning of Life Video
What is the meaning and significance of your life? Why do you exist?

The Problem of Evil
What is evil? Why do cataclysmic events in nature take place? Are they acts of God? Find out here.

Truth and Religion Video
Can faith pass the test of reason? Can Truth and Reason coexist? Can religion be rational? Watch this short video now!

What is Prayer?
Is there power in prayer or is it just repeating phrases over and over? Discover the key to effective prayer.

Why Are We Here
Is the pupose of our existence to have a true and reconciled relationship with God?

Why Are We Here Video
What is the purpose to life? Why do we live on Earth? What is our meaning? Find out here.

What is it? How was the concept developed? How has the concept of worldviews impacted society?

Worldview Video
How do you define worldview? What is your worldview? How do you view the world?

What makes up your worldview? Can your worldview be wrong or incomplete? Find out.

What do you think?
We have all sinned and deserve God’s judgment. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

What is your response?

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